Monday 9 August 2010

Customs House, Dublin

The Customs House and River Liffey, Dublin, Ireland.  I'm looking at all those barrels on the quayside and wondering if they're incoming or outgoing.  The truck in the foreground has Guinness written on it so I suppose that's the clue.  The card must date from the 1950s but I'm guessing because it's unused.  The style of the cars may tell those who know about that sort of thing, but I don't.

The Custom House was first built towards the end of the 18th century at a cost of £200,000, a huge amount for those days.  It was set on fire during the Irish Civil War 1921-22, and the dome was completely destroyed.  When it was restored, Ardbraccan limestone was used instead of the original Portland stone, giving it a noticeably darker colour.  It's apparent even on this card.
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  1. Beautiful card! The cars are definitely 50's or older, so I think the card is at least early 50's. I have not seen this lovely postcard before, but I came across some old Irish cards at a market last week and they were 2 Euro each and not very good.

  2. Very cool! Ireland has such an interesting history - and Guiness!

  3. @Blogaire, thanks for the date guidance! price of cards never fails to astonish me. I've a feeling if I tried to sell any, it would be a completely different story. :)

    @Aimee, so many plus points. :)


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