Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sète in the south of France

Before the summer ends, a postcards from a seaside resort.  On one side is the Mediterranean and on the other the Bassin de Thau, a salt water lake yielding mussels and oysters.  Via the Bassin, it links with both the Canal du Midi and the Canal du Rhone.  Fishing is a very important part of the economy but tourism too, is important in the summer months.
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  1. I want to set up(2)groups of about 5 people per group to do a postcard round robin with. i will welcome members internationally, basically each envelope that is passed around the group will contain 6 postcards. you will take out the ones you want to keep and replace with the same amount. then you will pass it on to ...the next person. i will include a flight sheet so you know where to send it to. let me know

  2. The perfect postcard ending for the Summer. That is glorious.

  3. I had the most wonderful seafood lunch of my life in Sete, once, driving in southern France. I'd read about the restaurant before leaving California and was so excited that I got to eat there.


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