Thursday 23 September 2010

Last of the Summer Wine

Holmfirth is a small town in the Pennine hills of west Yorkshire and is probably best known as the setting for the BBC TV series "Last of the Summer Wine".  When I was looking up some facts about this card, I was surprised to find that I may not have to explain this to non-UK readers because it has been seen in 25 different countries.

The programme was the longest running comedy in the UK and the longest running sitcom in the world.  It started in 1973 and ran, with several changes of cast, until a month ago.  It received a great deal of praise over the years for its family-friendly humour and for its positive portrayal of older, if eccentric, people.  I'm rather hoping to grow (to 101 as you know) happily eccentric over the years.
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  1. There was something very gentle about this series and the acting was so good. We've watched some of the episodes many times and there's always something fresh in them.

  2. We catch an episode of the show every now and again. It is funny.

    I knew about it's long run, but hadn't realized it had finally ended.

    A neat postcard to have. :-)

  3. Never seen the program, however I wasn't born until 1977. It's a lovely scene though.

  4. Sheila, a great place and and equally great show. One of my favourites over the years although some of the cast changes were not so good.

    I didn't realise it had been pulled by the BBC, what a pity. But I guess the cast is getting on a bit now (those still alive).

    I loved walking round Holme Firth looking for locations and perhaps a glimpse of Nora Batty.

  5. This is wonderful! I've watched Last of the Summer Wine for years with my grandmother, but I didn't realize it had been cancelled. Sad, but I suppose 37 years is long enough for any tv show to run. Just as a side note, I've wanted to go to Yorkshire ever since I read the James Herriot books (All Creatures Great And Small) which are set there - it looks beautiful.

  6. It was a great show but I suppose it couldn't go on indefinitely. Alexandra, Yorkshire really is worth a visit!


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