Tuesday 4 January 2011

The island of Noirmoutier

I've never been to the Ile de Noirmoutier, an island off the west coast of France, but it is fixed in my mind as the place that grows the most expensive potatoes in the world.  Few are grown because they are picked by hand, back-breaking work, but the flavour of the potato is - they say - worth it.  It's grown in a very restricted area and is fertilised with seaweed.

The fishing industry is less exotic, considering the island setting.  There is a modern deep water port, the second largest in the area, plus oyster and fish farming.

The card, dated 1999, was sent to an address on Jersey in the Channel Islands.  I was surprised to read the message, "Had forgotten how lovely France is", because I would have thought Jersey was equally lovely.  Tourism has become one of Noirmoutier's main sources of income, important from that point of view but bringing with it the perennial problem of outsiders wanting to buy holiday homes.  Prices are then forced upwards and beyond the reach of young locals.
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  1. From what I've seen on other shows fishing is a very hard and dangerous profession. Great overhead picture though.

  2. Island life always seems to be pretty costly, Sheila. I would like to sample those potatoes and some of that seafood, though, Sheila!

  3. Hi,
    You must have million of postcard. :)


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