Sunday 9 January 2011

Sundial in Wlodawa

The sundial shown is carved on one side of a block of flats in Wlodawa, a small town in the east of Poland.  It shows summer time and winter time and local time.  The chart at the bottom gives the number of minutes to be added or subtracted each month.  It all sounds very accurate.  I wonder if it is.
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  1. It's always amazing to know how technology was used so long ago.

  2. Wow. Nice :). I feel like your blog has opened up a whole new world for me. Definitely, I've learned that there's such a splendid variety of postcards. This one looks! Thanks for posting :D


  3. I only discovered vertical sundials last year after spotting one on Boston Stump and another on York Minster :-) I'm not sure how accurate they are!

  4. That is really interesting! And here we are now in the world of digital watches and those new clocks that automatically change time without your having to do a thing!


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