Saturday 19 February 2011


From the back of the card:
Izba.  Fragment.  Artist L. Romanova.  Wooden egg 12 cm/4.7 inches.  Tempera 2006.
An izba is a traditional country dwelling made of logs, not unlike a Canadian cabin.  I love the detail here - the samovar in the foreground with a teapot on top, the little boy drinking his tea from his saucer, the clock on the wall, and the cat curled up on the mat.  I would love to see the original wooden egg.
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  1. You're right, the detail is quite remarkable. For some reason, I noticed that they have strong, pronounced noses. It is interesting that you featured Belarus today as I saw "Беларуская" in my Wikipedia sidebar this morning and was thrilled that I could read the words (on account of learning Cyrillic).

  2. I am never disappointed at what I see when I stop here for a short, but entertaining visit.

  3. And a candle to light them to bed!

  4. The curved perspective gives it an especially snug and cozy feel.


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