Monday 21 March 2011

The Moscow Kremlin

The title of the card gives a clue that there are several places with a kremlin, quite a list, in fact.  Even my spell checker wants me to capitalise Kremlin as though it were the only one.  It means a Russian fortress.  The one in Moscow is just one of a number, but it's very special.

If I'd pictured it in my mind, I would have thought it was a forbidding building but just look at this beautiful interior of part of the complex.  There were three palaces inside the Kremlin.  The Faceted Palace is one of the few surviving parts of the original palace built in the 15th century by Ivan the Great.  It has been used for banqueting and ceremonies, from Ivan the Terrible celebrating the capture of Kazan, to Gorbachev entertaining Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.
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  1. I certainly didn't picture anything as breath-taking as this associated with Kremlin. And there are several? Wow, do I love learning!

  2. I was amazed by the beauty as well.

  3. What a beautiful, elegant place, Sheila. I would love to visit Moscow. The closest I've been is St. Petersburg and I was there for only a day on a cruise. That was over fifteen years ago! I thought it was such a beautiful city and it must have really been spectacular in the days of the Czars!

  4. Gosh. That is ornate bordering on ostentatious!! I did not know "kremlin" meant fortress. Very interesting.

  5. It is very beautiful, and has seen so much history.


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