Tuesday 1 March 2011

St David's Day

From one card showing traditional dress to another, this time Welsh national costume.  The costume is based on what Welsh country women might have worn during the early 19th century.  The card dates from 1984.

Today, 1 March, is St David's Day and St David is the patron saint of Wales.  Many towns in Wales have a parade to celebrate.  People will wear one of the two national symbols of Wales, the daffodil or the leek.  Children will sometimes wear the national costume.
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  1. Love the national costumes!
    In the Philippines, we only wear them on very special occasions.


  2. There are those Welsh hats again. I wonder if there is a purpose to the shape or if it's just because.

    1. Reply better late than never, hats can be used as milking stools, and to carry eggs very robust and rugged hats along with the women.

  3. Always great to find out about how special days are observed.

  4. I have to admit I never saw the Welsh national costume before. How very interesting!


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