Wednesday 20 April 2011

Ndebele people

Some of you may know Emm of Emm in London, and if you do you'll know that she went back to visit the land of her birth, South Africa, for Christmas.  I am a direct beneficiary of that visit because I have some postcards!!  I will tell you what Emm had to say about this one:
There are eleven official languages in South Africa and scores of different cultures, religions, ethnic groups, colours and communities.  The Ndebele are my favourite because of their beautiful clothing and houses.
I've discovered that the Ndebele people of South Africa used to live in grass huts but in the mid-18th century they started to use mud walls so it became possible to paint them.  The symbols and patterns were applied by the women using their fingers so that they could express values and emotions.  The style has developed over time and now the colours are more vivid than the earlier ones.  Each generation makes changes but essentially it is still a way of communication and expression.

Thank you so much for these cards, Emm!
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  1. What a treat for the eyes are the colors of their outfits and walls!

  2. They are very intersting and artistic. I would really love to visit South Africa, I've seen pictures and it is a beautiful place, unlike other regions of Africa.

  3. It's good to see places through other people's eyes - even better if they have some personal involvement.

  4. Thanks for sharing the wonderful postcard and information about South Africa.

  5. They and their houses are beautiful. The neck-stretching is also intriguing, though not something I'd want to try.

  6. Oh, yay! My first postcard on your blog! I did not know that about the changes over generations and since the 18th-century so thank you for the info!

  7. I know South Africa produces some excellent wines. I like their pinotage very much.

    The dress of the Ndebele is most appealing and I like their houses showing through behind them.

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