Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tunisian doors and windows

Doors and windows on this colourful card sent to me by someone lucky enough to be on holiday in Tunisia last year.  I probably wouldn't want to be there at the moment.  Apart from two of the doors, they are such a distinctive style.  I believe the keyhole arch, sometimes known as the horseshoe arch is a characteristic of Islamic architecture.
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  1. All the doors are such lovely shapes and colors! So much turmoil in the Arab countries. Sad...

  2. The colorful entryway certainly makes the places look more inviting... except the one on the top right, it sort of reminds me of an alien.

  3. Much more interesting than our simple doors here.

  4. a wonderful card, and a door for aliens too.

  5. Nice one! I often take photos of doors. Door knockers are another such motive - both can look quite fascinating on a photo (or a postcard).

    There is a nice example of this in this post of mine from Egypt:

  6. I also take pictures of doors. they always seem to have a story to tell.


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