Monday 11 July 2011

Spring in Korea

In the last week I have received the full set of the seasons, one after the other.  This is the spring represented by cherry blossom from Korea.  I debated which way up the card should be but I think this must be right.


  1. It is hard for me to think of Korea as a lovely place.

  2. I love this postcard. For a tourism class, once, I did a project on Korea. I know there are many beautiful places.

    Chejudo Island, Korea's largest, is a favorite honeymoon spot, and is a treasure trove of flora and fauna.

    Gyeongju (Kyongju), was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla, and is often called
    "the museum without walls". There are several areas there designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

    I would really love to visit them someday. I, also, love Korean food!


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