Wednesday 10 August 2011


I struggle to read or remember names if I can't pronounce them so I looked up Wrocław and Wikipedia tells me it's pronounced something like "vrotswaf".  Well, I never would have guessed.  I don't know any Polish whatsoever.

It's in the south west of Poland but over the years in history has been in Bohemia, Austria, Prussia and Germany.  It has suffered name changes too:  it is known, for example, as Breslau, Vratislav, and Breslavia in different countries.

This picture is of the Garrison Church, or St Elizabeth's Church, one of the oldest and tallest buildings in the Old town.
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  1. Breslau is easier to say. I think I'll go with that.

  2. In the Frankfurt airport, "Wroclaw" is still identified as Breslau on the tables of flight times and gate numbers. Jonathan

  3. It's a lovely postcard, regardless of the name, Sheila!

  4. Oh how lovely the lighting is! Absolutely very nice!...and the name doesn't matter when it looks this great!

  5. Oh, I like this one! I love the lighting and the older buildings. It reminds me slightly of Liverpool. I like the strange pronunciation too.


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