Friday 9 September 2011

Souk des Teinturiers

In Marrakesh (Morocco) the Souk de Teinturiers, or the dyers' market, is an area where craftsmen work around vast cauldrons of dyes.  Skeins of wool or fabrics on ropes strung across the alleyway are left to dry in the sun.  The stunning colours make it one of the most delightful spectacles in the city.

You can always tell who are the craftsmen by their arms, coloured to the elbows with whatever colour they are presently using.  Of course, fewer and fewer people are earning their livings in this way because of the competition from industrial processes, though they do say that chemicals can never produce the subtle shades created by the traditional craftsmen.

This is a post for Postcard Friendship Friday hosted on Beth Niquette's blog The Best Hearts are Crunchy.


  1. Lovely card, I would love to walk through and see all they produce.

  2. There is a spinners, weavers and dyers group locally here, what a pity they don't hang the wool out like this.

  3. It looks like art from my perspective!

  4. I wish I can experience what they do there! Thanks for sharing this card. Happy weekend.

  5. I think I would be in heaven there. I would just love to feel and touch the fabric, and of course, to buy some. It is over 30 years since I've been in a real African market like this!

  6. something worth looking. That's an interesting card.

    I hope we can also exchange card. Thanks much.

  7. It's a lovely card. If i can visit the city, then possibly, I will purchase the ones done by the craftsmen.

    Happy PFF!

  8. Beautiful postcard. I like cards that show the daily life and activities of people.

  9. Lovely. I also like the brilliant colors and smells of the spice markets.

  10. @Odie, I'd love to walk through too.

    @Joy, too much rain. :)

    @Mr Cachet, it does look like art!

    @lostforwords, I wish it too

    @Emm, it would be amazing, not just the sights, but the sounds and smells too. The whole thing!

    @melandriaromero, thank you!

    @Arlene, I like to do that if I can, too.

    @Postcards Journey, I like ones that show everyday life and also traditional ways of life.


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