Monday 14 November 2011

A hotel in Tunisia

A postcard found in a book has a special charm.  It has even more charm when the finder of the postcard thinks it would be a good idea to send it to me.  Thank you, ersatz soubriquet (of Grit in the Gears).  I'm never sure whether I should capitalise your name or not so please forgive me if I've made a dreadful mistake.

The Hôtel Dar Dhiafa presumably leaves these postcards in the rooms of visitors as a way of spreading the word.  If so, it achieved the purpose.  Someone who was reading "Narrow Dog to Indian River" used it as a bookmark and both the postcard and the book ended up in an Oxfam shop.  From there, the frozen north of England where they speak with funny accents, it has arrived safely in the soft south of England.

The hotel, on the island of Djerba just off the coast of Tunisia, looks fabulous but I can do no better than describe it in its own words from their website:
Patios and terraces make up a maze of favorable spaces for meditation and relaxation with bougainvillea crawling the walls.
The rooms and suites, with atypical charms have double bed in fashioned iron or traditional bed in “Dukan” - mattress on the ground with a small niche at the foot of the bed to drop off the shoes.
Reading and meditation are a quasi natural activity.
The pleasures of the table are honored to offer you a greedy stay, and our promising young chef will enjoy you with his talents for a moment of delight. 
I can say no more.
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  1. I am deeply offended. Send gold and yaks at once, or I will reduce your own to rubble.

    Well, if I were genghis khan, perhaps. As it is, I'm only ersatz soubriquet, a man reduced to typing on a zombie laptop that's lost its ? key.
    I am a lower-case man, because capital letters need more energy, sometimes a second hand.... or finger, genghis would have typed this way, i'm sure.

    I quite liked the look of the hotel, as portrayed, but the words from the website have scared me off, mostly the idea of that promising young chef, eyeing me.
    Scarborough, then, I think.

  2. A beautiful photo, and I think a found postcard or written letter is just awesome! My grandmother left me a few boxes of her old letters and postcards and such...and I love just reading over them, again and again! The description they offer, has me ready to visit!

  3. Well, who would’t want a greedy stay? In which case I’m not sure a moment of delight will be long enough to be enjoyed by the promising chef!

  4. I really like this picture. There are so many things. Like that shadow pattern on the ceiling and the torchere-like lamps in the side hallway. It makes one want to explore.

  5. It sounds like a lovely place to stay. I need to win the lottery so I can spend the rest of my days traveling and staying at hotels all over the world...elegant ones, castles, paradores, B & B s, even hostels!


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