Thursday, 3 November 2011

River life

The river Musi in Palembang is at the heart of its life.  It serves for washing, bathing and fishing.  The traditional houses have distinct pyramid-like roofs and are built on stilts to protect from the frequent flooding in the area.  Some houses like the ones shown are actually built over the river waters.
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  1. Most Asian countries have these unique "wet markets" which is fun to visit when you go to such places and most often too, they also live in there because it is where their livelihood is.

  2. It says ‘laid back river life’ I wonder how laid back they really are!

  3. @Brad, i don't know that this one is actually a market, but maybe it is sometimes.

    @Little Nell, I think you're right. It's very likely a hard life.

  4. I've done two southeast Asian cruises which were wonderful. One included three stops in Indonesia - one was an overnight in Bali. So much of the lives of the people is on the water - on rivers or next to the sea. It is so
    much their livelihood

  5. anonymous cupola7 November 2011 at 14:02

    The Asian countries mostly having such kind of rivers.India's state Calcutta is one of the places where the peoples are living near the river and make their livelihood from the river by capturing the fish.


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