Thursday, 19 January 2012

Beauty Parlor

Charles M Russell, 1864-1926, "the cowboy artist" was fascinated by the wild west and ultimately created over 4,000 works of art all set in the American west.  Not only was he an artist, but a writer, historian, and a conservationist.

He spent a great deal of time with the Blood Indians in Canada and this gave him the background to be able to produce detailed works like this one, showing everyday life.  He was the first artist to live most of his life in the west which gave him the ability to capture the spirit and culture of the time and place.  There is a museum dedicated to his works in Great Falls, Montana, and in it you can see this painting.
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  1. What a lovely scene. I love how the concept of vanity is reversed, with the man looking lovingly at himself int he mirror. Sheila, I'm sorry I haven't commented much lately! I have been visiting (I know, helpful if I don't comment, right?) but I'm just had so little time this January with our financial year end. The good news is it is all done and I hope to be back to my normal chatter soon.

  2. Your title and then the picture had me chuckling. Great post.

  3. What an unusual subject, and I agree it seems strange to see the man holding the mirror!

  4. I think men are actually quite vain, though.


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