Tuesday 10 January 2012

Cheese market at Alkmaar

The cheese market at Alkmaar in the Netherlands is a tradition going back to the 16th century though there was a weighing house there as early 1365.  At one time, until World War I, about 300 tons of cheese was sold on market days.  The tradition is continued but now with less than 10% the quantity of cheese.

It looks a lovely spectacle and I know it's popular with tourists.  Apparently as many as 100,000 people arrive to see the market each year.  The cheese carriers wear traditional costumes as you can see on this postcard.  The colours on their hats denote the different groups (or vemen).

One other piece of odd information about Alkmaar - there is a museum dedicated to the Beatles because John Lennon's first guitar was made in the town.

This card was sent to me by Deirdre of Mail Corner.  Thank you Deirdre!
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  1. It's funny that there is a museum dedicated to the Beatles in this town, because when I first saw the card (in my just-woken-up haze) I thought it bore a striking similarity to the cover of Abbey Road!

    Now I am also hungry for cheese : )

  2. Actually, I do see what you mean. :) I had cheese for lunch, a particularly smelly cheese. Now I'm wondering what the atmosphere is like around the market place.

  3. Hi Sheila. I continue to enjoy all your postcards and info. I've given you a reward at my blog, but please don't feel any obligation to respond unless you really want to.

  4. The card arrived! :D To be honest, I've never visited the cheese market myself! But I do love Dutch cheese! The cheese you see on the pictures is "Dutch cheese" because the way of preparation.

  5. Cheese is my friend and I am sure I eat way too much but I sure enjoy every bite.

  6. My New Year's resolution was "no cheese." I love it and I eat far too much of it. Don't know how long this will last.


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