Thursday 5 April 2012

The McClellans

A great surprise in my letterbox this week when I found a card from Odie Langley, one he found on his recent trip to Fredericksburg.

From the back of the card:
"Gen. George Brinton McClellan (1826-1885) with Ellen Mary Marcy (1836-1915), whom he married in 1860.  the following year, McClellan organized the Army of the Potomac, and President Lincoln appointed him General-in-Chief of the Union Army.  "By some strange operation of magic, I seem to have become the power of the land, " McClellan told his wife."
Interestingly, the Wikipedia article on McClellan shows them in the same clothes but with a slightly different pose.  They must have had a photographic session.

Many thanks, Odie, for your kindness in thinking of me. :)
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  1. When I am in interesting areas I find myself looking for postcards so I can send you one. Hope you have a blessed Easter.


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