Tuesday 17 April 2012

Mir for all seasons

I love postcards which show the seasons but I hadn't anticipated two views of the same castle, Mir in Belarus, one in winter and one in summer.  I imagine the top card is an older one and that the tree seen there has been felled, but I may be wrong.  it may be something to do with the camera angle that has cut it out of the second picture.

The castle dates from the end of the 15th century although, as usual, it has had many later additions, extensions and reconstructions.  It was badly damaged during the Napoleonic Wars but later restored.  During WWII it became a prison camp.  The present restoration started about 30 years ago.  It is a very distinctive castle, built of red brick with white plaster decoration.  It has four towers, all different, and a central tower gate. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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  1. Interesting how the construction varied as it was built.

  2. Amazing these castles all are. I wish I could have toured more....they are on my list to see others!

  3. Love those castles I would love to one day tour a castle think it would be really cool

  4. Wow--that is a beautiful place. And it was once made into a prison camp...that is incredibly amazing. Such horrific ideals fitted into such a beautiful place. I am glad it has been restored. I love the two postcards with varying seasons. Wonderful.


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