Thursday 28 June 2012

Three from Minsk

The city gate

The Town Hall

All three of these have arrived recently from Minsk, the capital of Belarus.  Minsk was largely destroyed during WWII so a lot of the buildings are in the Soviet style.  These three cards, I think, give a very good idea of what the city is like.
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  1. Since I joined Postcrossing, I have received a postcard from Belarus, another from St. Petersburg. The buildings in those two places are stunning.

  2. A mix of old and new. I like all 3

  3. My hometown :)

    It's the Lenin street on the 3rd postcard.
    On the 2nd postcard you can also see Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary. It's located across the Lenin str from the Town Hall.

  4. Some of those Soviet- style buildings are pretty imposing.

  5. I really want to visit Minsk. I think it looks incredible, with its mix of both historic and Soviet-era architecture but I've read such unfavourable reviews. I don't care about the reviews. It remains on my bucket list and I am sure I'll enjoy it.


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