Sunday 29 July 2012

Yet more Olympics

Cyclist and the London Eye

Diver and the Tate Modern

Fencer and Tower Bridge

Athletes and the Olympic Stadium

Mini sheet of stamps

This set of stamps and the PHQ cards were issued on Friday, the day of the London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony.  I very much like the images and the way the designer has matched the sports images with buildings in London.  My only complaint is that the stamps themselves are issued only as mini-sheets or presentation packs which include worldwide postage but no European postage.

Starting next week I will be holding a competition for 4 packs of official Olympic postcards issued by the Olympic Museum's London 2012 collection.  Watch for the details - coming soon!

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, now hosted by Violet Sky at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. I agree - what a clever design, with the London landmarks matched with a sporting image like that. Very nice! :)

  2. I particularly like the higher values, at least if you buy the minisheet you are only paying the cost of the stamps. You would have thought that Olympic stamps with the right value for postcards overseas at this time would have been a good idea, and they could have been sold in booklets of 12.

  3. wow! you have a great stamps of Olympic series.Phils just released our last July 27.

  4. At lsat some Olympic stamps that have got it right even if Royal Mail have some strange marketing ideas with fewer and fewer people using stamps for postage. Thanks for showing these, Sheila.

  5. Wow, I would love to get some of these - awesome stamps!!!

  6. I love these! Great design.
    and I am international postage.....

  7. I do like the first stamp - matching the cyclist and the London 'Eye'. I am still befuddled by the icon in the upper right corner representing the Games.
    Thank you for participating!

  8. I love the mini sheets! And may I know what's a PHQ? Thanks!

    1. PHQ stands for Postal HeadQuarters. I don't know why they chose that for the name, but they are just postcards produced by the Royal Mail.

  9. My favourtie is the Fencer and Tower Bridge one

  10. I think they are they are the best they have issued for these Olympics, attractive. I never understand the post office decisions on stamp values in sets.

  11. I like the way they matched the shapes in the design.

    I am curious about your competition.

  12. are you open in trading ! for a Philippine Olympics stamps for London 2012 Olympics ?
    this is m facebook link

  13. Yes, true stamps. With a idea, as I like it.

  14. Hello Shiela, sorry for the late reply. Yes I would like to trade w/ your Olympics minisheets stamps :)


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