Sunday 19 August 2012

Changdeokgung Palace

The Juhamnu Pavilion is a building in the gardens of the royal palace of Changdeokgung.  The first floor is a library, Gyujangkak, and contains thousands of historical documents.  The floor above is a reading room.

The Changdeokgung Palace complex is listed by UNESCO for being a remarkable example of architecture from the Far East.

The stamps that came on the card are lovely.  Top left is the flag of Korea, bottom left is the bird, Parus major.  On the right we have one of the stamps issued for the Olympics this year.  This one shows an archer superimposed on Big Ben.  Another shows a swimmer going past Tower Bridge.  The additional portion showing the London Olympic mascot appears to be an illustration between blocks of stamps.  See this page for a better image.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, now hosted by Violet Sky at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. I love it when there are a collection of stamps on my cards!
    still don't like that mascot, however :(

  2. The Olympic mascot made such an impression I didn't even know it existed.

  3. The mascot is strange but the stamps are great!
    Thank you for participating.

  4. I love the idea of having a multiple culture stamps in my card. This is simply great!
    My Sunday Stamp Entry

  5. Lovely card and beautiful stamps from Korea! Archery is their national sport, it's nice the sender chose it for you.

  6. It's lovely to get a variety of stamps on a postcard/cover. I just didn't get the mascot and wasn't surprised to see the price of mascot soft toys reduced quite considerably in one of the supermarkets this last week.


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