Monday 6 August 2012

Clothed automobile

You've no doubt heard of Salvador Dali's melting watch, and here you have his clothed cars.

In 1941 he bought a Cadillac.  He never drove it himself but always remained faithful to the brand.  an extract from one of his novels may explain why he painted the cars as he did:
"It's too naked, and really embarassing to look at. Too many curves, too many bumps, too many bottoms, too much everything! I told the salesman I would take it only if it could delivered dressed." 
Although I find Dali's work interesting, I don't find it particularly attractive, nor do I understand very much.
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  1. I love Dali, he is one of my favourite artists. I guess I just get him somehow and his surreal, subliminal messages. I did "discover" him when I was studying psychology, after all.

    Good to see you back! I was worried when I didn't see entries from you!

  2. Good card- Dali was one of my favorites. He was the ultimate eccentric -- he once emerged from a Rolls-Royce stuffed with cauliflowers.


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