Monday 19 November 2012

The red door

I was quite surprised to see the style of door on this card from the Netherlands because it looked very British to my eyes.  The card is published in the Netherlands but on closer examination I have decided the door most probably is British.  The clue - I think - lies in the milk bottles on the doorstep.

I haven't seen milk bottles on a doorstep for quite some time now but until relatively recently in the UK it used to be the custom to have milk delivered to your door each day.  Now somebody may well come by and say they did the same in the Netherlands and that this is a Dutch door, but until then I'll stick with my  first guess, British.
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  1. I wonder if the milk bottles are just for decoration? Milk bottle over here, way back when used to be placed inside a container. Either way- it's a most lovely door!

  2. I always envied you for this service. In Romania isn't this kind of service, and nor ever existed. Very nice to find the milk each day at the door. :)

  3. A Dutch door or ...a London one?
    Both have milk bottles but maybe shapes are different. Same goes for the red bricks. On the other hand did you notice the tulip in the stained glass? A Dutch tulip. Or is it just a flower? My mother grows fuchsias (she's Dutch) and hedges are common in both places.
    But..this postcard is part of a set, picturing London items in red like a cab, guards uniform and a front door.

  4. Anyway it's a beautiful picture. Postcards with doors and windows are among my favourites. I always wonder what's inside...


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