Tuesday 27 November 2012

Trinity College Library

As you can see from the title on the card, this is a picture taken by a German photographer but it shows the library in Trinity College Dublin in Ireland which dates back to 1592 when the College was founded. It's the largest library in Ireland with 5 million volumes.

One of the most famous books it owns, if "book" is the right word, is the Book of Kells something I'd dearly love to see.  It was written approximately around the year 800 and is beautifully illuminated.  It was presented to Trinity in 1661 but until that time had been kept in the abbey church in Kells.

The postcard itself, which was sent from Germany, appears to have been part of a calendar.  I deduced that from "Sehnsuchts Kalender" printed on the back.
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  1. I love cards with books! I have a card from the Trinity college library too but this one looks more "mysterious" than mine. I wish I could live in that library.

  2. Yes, the atmosphere really does come across, doesn't it?

  3. I'd love to see the Book of Kells. Maybe one day...


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