Sunday, 4 November 2012

Water and Coast

In 2000, Royal Mail issued a series of stamps called the Millennium Projects.  There were 12 series in all, one issued each month with 4 stamps in each, and each series commemorating a project that had been funded by the Millennium Fund.  These are the corresponding PHQ (Postal Head Quarters) postcards.

The Water and Coast series was released in March and for the "water" part of that series they commemorated the redevelopment of Portsmouth Harbour and the National Pondlife Centre at Liverpool John Moores University.

The "coast" part is sufficiently related to water for me to include them here even though the illustrations are not:

They commemorate the Durham Heritage Coast in the north east of England, and the Millennium Coastal Park at Llanelli in Wales.

You can see the full set of images used at the site of Studio David Hillman.

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  1. Unusual and magnificent stamps, especially the first and the last one.

  2. I missed these, the water ones are lovely!

  3. this is an amazingly beautiful series from that link.
    I really like the juxtaposition of over and under water of the 26p stamp.

    (don't know what happened to the linky...)

  4. I like the first stamp best!

  5. I have obviously missed out on a lot of the Millennium issues but I have shown one today at

  6. These are beautiful stamps! I particularly like the first one - windows reflection on water and the last one, the black and white stamp.

    Postcards Crossing: Sunday Stamps: From the River of Woe to the River of Fun

  7. I'd forgotten about these rather beautiful stamps.

  8. Nice watery stamps, but as I love walking on boardwalks over bogs and mosses that last one is my favourite.

  9. a very nice set, thanks for sharing :)

  10. Love love the pebbles on that one stamp. thank you for participating.

  11. I absolutely love the frog!!


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