Monday 25 February 2013

The Wanderer

Caspar David Friedrich painted this picture " Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer" (translates as "The Wanderer Over the Sea of Fog") in 1818.  The postcard was sent to me from Germany.

It shows what looks like an aristocratic man dressed in a frock coat and wearing outdoor shoes, an unlikely hiker.  He looks strong and dominant, tough, indestructible and eternal (according to a German schoolwork site).  Friedrich frequently produced paintings where a human is shown almost dwarfed by a vast landscape.  It is an interesting composition which has been repeatedly used in other settings.  I like it very much.
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  1. I like it too. There's a real story yet to be written to accompany this picture.

  2. Friedrich is one of my favorite painters, and the Wanderer is a great romantic painting. The link is a test for my rusty German.

  3. I like it too. I like formal wear and frock coats as it is (because I'm a fan of vampires, not old English literature), so this one especially appeals to me. I've always liked huge skies and gloomy weather too.


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