Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Stockholm palaces

The Swedish royal family has three palaces:  the Royal Palace in Stockholm which is their official residence and workplace, the Drottningholm Palace which is their permanent residence, and Solliden, a summer residence.

The two pictured on the card are the Royal Palace, above, and the Drottningholm Palace, below.  The Drottningholm Palace is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List because it is a fine example of an 18th century palace along the lines of Versailles.

the card is a type of multi-view, something I hadn't realised at first glance, thinking the buildings were facing each other across a river.  I don't know if there is a technical term for this type of image, where one fades into the other with no lines in between.  I've been misled by them in the past.
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  1. I'm sure it must be nice on the inside, but that big red one at the top looks too much like a factory or prison.

  2. the Royal Palace looks facsinating, can't agree with previous comment:)


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