Monday 4 March 2013

Three from Taos Pueblo

"Often referred to as the world's oldest apartment house, this pueblo is one of the most beautiful examples of pueblo architecture in existence today."  And now Taos Pueblo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
A smaller size, vintage postcard, possibly dating from around 1960.

"Shown here are famous Indian baking ovens.  The ladders are used to go from one level to another of the multi-storied pueblo."
Another vintage card of the same era as the previous one.  Both are Petley postcards.

"A winter storm blankets Taos Pueblo."
A modern card now, and one that I love because the snow is so unexpected.  The red colour of the adobe makes me think of scorching deserts, not freezing temperatures.  It's always a learning process, this postcard collection.

See also a previous card from Taos Pueblo.
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  1. How good to see this. They thought of them much ahead of their times. I wonder if those ladders are used just during the construction time or was it a permanent fixture.

  2. The ladders are the door steps. Beautiful place isn't it. Funny how things seem to surface at the same time. I just made a post of Taos also.

  3. I wonder if the Pueblo Indians had arthritis. I'm just thinking of myself trying to get up and down those ladders with my creaky knees.


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