Sunday 7 April 2013

The Giant's Causeway on stamps

In 1981 the Post Office issues a set of stamps to illustrate various areas protected by the National Trust and one of them showed the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. Above is the PHQ stamp card issued at the same time.

While I was looking for the card, I came across a National Trust book of stamps issued in 1995 and wondered if the Giant's Causeway had figured again.  It hadn't but while I was on that line of thought I came across a Northern Ireland book of stamps.

Inside I was really surprised to find that inside the front and back covers were two postcards and the first had a stamp almost exactly the same as the 1981 design, only now it's 35p.  Inflation!

The stamp is printed directly on to the postcard so I'm not at all sure whether it was a valid stamp.  It looks as though it has phosphor lines on it, so maybe.

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  1. The hexagonal structure of the rocks really stands out; unfortunately when you are looking for rock structures they are seldom as obvious as this.

  2. I think the more recent Giant's Causeway design was more pleasing to the eye, maybe it just looks a more modern design.

  3. great idea to post giant's causeway as one of the geological wonders...

  4. Great geology, and a great example of the hexangonal cooling structure. We have these kinds of preprinted stamped cards in the USA too, and it is valid postage. You could try sending it (add other stamps!)
    Thank you for joining in this week.

  5. Beautiful graphics!

  6. A place I long to visit. An ideal natural site for celebrating on a stamp.

  7. Wow... I had never heard of the Giant's Causeway until last year. Now it is on my wish list of places to visit. It looks extraordinary. I found a beautiful set of souvenir black and white vintage photographs from the Giants Causeway in a market - and was that way introduced to the wonder. I really like the stamp - it has a sort of deco feel about it. Beautiful muted colours and a nice print design. I like it a lot.

  8. I particularly love the pre-paid Postcard ~~~~ Its so amazing!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Can you please add the links to two of my blogs at:

  9. Inflation indeed! I feel a little cheated that they reused the stamp design - the cheek!


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