Friday 23 August 2013


I was so pleased to receive this postcard from the Netherlands just a few days ago.  The sender thought it would be ideal for me because I list reading as one of my main interests but it was even more apt than she could have known.  I came to Postcrossing through Bookcrossing where people very often used to enclose a postcard with a book that was being "crossed".  In the days before Postcrossing, postcard swaps were often arranged so I have a good number of postcards which have been used as bookmarks.

From time to time I've found postcards in second hand books I've bought and I've even had a found bookmark-postcard sent to me from a blogger friend.  I wrote a separate post about that great find.

This is a post for Postcard Friendship Friday hosted on Beth Niquette's blog The Best Hearts are Crunchy.


  1. Very nice! I too has just received a bookmark from the mail, which I shared in my PFF post last week. :)

    I'm happy to get a bookmark in this age of e-readers.

  2. I always save my postcards just for bookmarks. mostly they're the ones I buy to send and never got around to mailing!


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