Monday 13 January 2014

Matsue in winter

We are having terrible weather here in the UK: heavy rain causing floods with severe winds only making the problems worse with power cuts and tidal surges.  The saving grace is that it isn't cold so there hasn't been a great deal of snow anywhere.

That may change of course and we may yet see scenes like this one from Japan, though they are unlikely to be so picturesque.  Matsue is a city in the province of Izumo, towards the south of Japan.  A dance called Sada Shin Noh originates in the Shinto shrine of Sada Jinja in Matsue.  The dance has been inscribed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.
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  1. I also shared on my blog a postcard with a view of winter from Japan. I just can't identify from which part it is cause I can't read the characters! I had to ask a friend studying in Japan to identify it for me. Good thing your postcard is labeled in Roman alphabet!

    Stay warm and I hope the weather in the UK will improve soon.

  2. Matsue is also noted for at one time being the home of author Lafcadio Hearn.


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