Sunday 12 October 2014


The card of Archangel Michel's (Svirskaya) Church in Smolensk was sent with the stamp commemorating the 1150th anniversary of Rostov in north west Russia. The stamp would have been on a mini sheet like this one.  Smolensk is also a very old city - the church on the postcard was built at the end of the 12th century.

I noticed  a few other stamps with a similar colour to the one above so I took that as a theme:

 From Bosnia Herzogovina, a donkey

 Some traditional houses from Croatia

A sand gazelle from the United Arab Emirates 

And from the USA, I suppose you could say another traditional dwelling, skyscraper apartments!

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, now hosted by Violet Sky at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. It is an unusual colour, so congrats for finding these several stamps.
    I live in one of those 'skyscraper apartments' - had no idea such a thing was immortalized on a stamp.

  2. An interesting selection, though the colour might mean they are overlooked. The Russian stamp and card are wonderful.

  3. I LOVE this collection and the artistic color theme you chose. These are so wonderful. Stamps are just about as fascinating as postcards, in my estimation. This is a lovely post.

  4. I would never have considered a colour theme. You did well to succeed. Great donkey.

  5. I've never thought of donkeys and gazelles being a similar colour before, I like the colour theme.


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