Tuesday 2 December 2014

Book versus doll

A doll lies abandoned on the floor while the little girl reads her book.  It's a new book apparently because the title of the picture, a watercolour by George Goodwin Kilburne, is "The New Book".  The date on it is 1870.

I have discovered in my efforts t find out more about this painting, that Wikipedia has a whole category called "Paintings of sitting girls reading indoors".  I already have a few of them...  Are there categories for reading out of doors, women, men, I wonder?  I have a few of those too...

The postcard was sent to me from the Netherlands although the artist is British.


  1. I enjoy pictures of reading women, and I made an album for them among my "collections" (https://picasaweb.google.com/108189801195027432974/ReadingWomen); then I discovered this is a common them for collections of postcards. At least, there are a lot of postcrossers who write this theme in their wishlists.

    Speaking about this with two mail lovers, we wondered why we (almost) never see collections of "reading men". So we start to search for this kind of postcards too. I made a second album: https://picasaweb.google.com/108189801195027432974/ReadingMen

    I don't distinguish if they read indoors or outdoors. Maybe I will do when I have thousands of postcards ;-)

    Like the painting, by the way!

  2. Very true, people do seem to favour reading women, such a shame. I have reading on my wishlist but don't discriminate :)


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