Sunday 7 December 2014

Stamps from China

It's nearly my bedtime so a post in haste to show you these lovely stamps which arrived all together on three separate cards from China.

The first set appears to show traditional occupations, the second commemorates the handover of the Olympics from Beijing To London, and the third actually illustrates stamps which originally illustrated articles from the National Museum of China.  Stamps within stamps.  According to my correspondent, the bronze "ding" (an enormous cooking pot) on the right was originally identified incorrectly as Si Mu Wu but is now the Hou Mu Wu Ding.  I'm not sure of the significance of that.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, run by Viridian for one more week. Click on the button to visit her blog and other participants.


  1. It's almost my bedtime, too, but I had to quickly google Hou Mu Wu Ding and apart from being 3,000 yrs old it is 832.84-kg. Hard to tell from the stamp image!! It seems to be the 'Number One National Treasure'.
    I also like the Olympic handover stamps - the images complement each other.

  2. I've got both the British and Chinese handover versions of the Birds Nest Stadium and the Forbidden City tower stamps but somehow have completely missed out on the London scenes:-( The traditional crafts on the first set of stamps are beautiful.

  3. I recognized one of the London landmarks! Thank you for joining in.


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