Sunday 28 December 2014

Toys on stamps

Andy Pandy was a made-for-television character, a long time ago in the 1950s, but as he was a puppet and seen here with Teddy, I think they qualify as toys. This PHQ stamp card was issued by Royal Mail in a series of Children's TV at the very beginning of the year, 7 January 2014.

From the Ukraine is an illustration resulting from a competition held by UNESCO for children to draw their rights. Until I discovered the title, I was about to complain about the boys playing with toy boats, trains and so on while the girl had a doll.  But she also has a small aeroplane.  The title is "“Girls also want to be pilots!"

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  1. Lovely stamps, the classic children's tv was a lovely series.

  2. Andy Pandy will be an all time favourite. Not seen the stamps though.

  3. Andy Pandy is one of those things that loomed large in my head - though I have never, ever seen it. (except in recent years on youtube)


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