Sunday 1 February 2015

Reflections in water

I've always loved reflections in water and that is why I've chosen these two PHQ stamp cards today (yesterday now...)

The top shows the Millennium Bridge in Gateshead.  Hopefully it didn't wobble like the one in London but probably not, as I've heard nothing about it.

The second card shows, so they say, the harbour in Portsmouth.  I lived not so far away and visited from time to time.  I can't say it's instantly recognisable.

I'm still struggling on with this computer but I'm crossing my fingers that by next week I will be singing and dancing.again with no more "Aw, snap" from Chrome or, worse, the blue screen of death.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, in its new home at See it on a Postcard!


  1. The stamp of the millennium bridge is great, plus you can see the tyne bridge behind it. If I swing hard I can almost convince myself that the swing bridge is there, too.

  2. I'm glad you were able to post these eventually, but I do hope your computer problems are sorted soon.
    The Millennium Bridge is nice - I have a fascination for bridges (am watching a repeat episode of Bridges that Built London as I write this). The reflection is a nice image, but a bit of an odd choice for a stamp to represent the harbour!

  3. Beautiful postcards! I also love reflections in water.

  4. Possibly the north east heritage of engineering meant they got it right first time;-) I rather like the take on Portsmouth, a place that is so linked with the sea.

  5. How pretty that bridge is!!! Why do our computers give us so much grief. My new Lenovo, purchased in India after my other Lenovo crashed ( that one only two years old ) is now on deaths door. My sons tell me I am not meant to use computers!!!


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