Saturday 4 July 2015


I have, some may have noticed, been away. Part of it was holidays when I did a lot of this:

...But in a place more like this:

The weather was wonderful and I feel very much the better for it.

The girl reading, apparently propped up against a bicycle (though I suspect some PhotoShopping), comes from Russia, the Mediterranean doorway comes from the Netherlands.


  1. Welcome Back! I hope you had a wonderful time off and read to your heart's content. If you were in a place like the Netherlands I envy you:)

  2. Love both postcards!! Seeing lovely cards like this really makes me wanna go back into postcrossing again!

  3. Both cards are beautiful. I miss holding a book in my hands and reading. So often now, I am listening to unabridged audiobooks while I do other things!


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