Saturday 2 January 2016


Robins are among my favourite birds, the European robin, that is.  I have not met an American robin even though I believe a few have made it to these shores when migrating.

The robins found in Britain are not very afraid of humans and can easily be tamed to take food from your hand.  They are less tame on mainland Europe where they were once hunted, but even there they will turn up to check for unexpected delicacies while you are gardening.

These cards are from France, Germany, Russia and the Netherlands.


  1. These little birds are cuter than what we have here. Ours look like they would ne much bigger-the thug of Robins:) Happy New Year!

  2. My favourite gardening companion.

  3. Robins are some of my favourite birds. They always look so cheerful :)

  4. Sweet birds, always the first around here in Spring.


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