Friday 1 April 2016


Many people, when they start collecting postcards, think they will collect as many places as possible. Before too long you realise that it's something of an impossible task. It's clearly impractical to have postcards from everywhere so where do you draw the line? Certain countries? While you may be happy, delighted even, to have a single card from Tuvalu (yes, I have and I am!), which card could possibly represent France, or Brazil?

So you may go down the route of collecting places that mean something to you, where you were born, or places you've lived or visited. Or you can choose an entirely different route and collect cards fitting themes that you like.

My postcard collection has grown so much that I've decided I should show collages of cards representing themes, rather than singling out individual cards.

The cards in this first A to Z post of 2016 all celebrate arches.  Sometimes the arch itself is the centrepiece of the postcard, sometimes it frames another feature, and sometimes it's the pattern made by multiple arches that caught the photographer's eye.

I'm not entirely sure if the series of doorways (bottom row, centre) really fits the theme of arches, but it has the same sort of pattern that attracts my eye, so it's included.


  1. There is something about arches that I love especially the gothic style. Great way to star to A to Z

  2. Love this! I have a box of travel brochures from my great aunt from the 50's. Love looking through them - I will look forward to seeing more of your collection! I am loving this A-Z - finding so many cool sites! #1794

  3. Awesome start to the A-Z challenge! Great selection of Postcards.

  4. Beautiful eye-catching postcards!

  5. Wonderful post and a great way to start the A-Z Challenge.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful images.

  6. I have collected post cards from each of the places I have lived. Thanks for sharing as part of the A to Z challenge.

    @MontanaHens (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter)

  7. Very cool collection! How do you keep your postcards organized? I've been amassing a lot of them via Postcrossing, and I still haven't figured out a system yet.

  8. I've never collected postcards but I am interested in what people collect and why. Alex from as part of the a to z challenge.

  9. I've come to your A to Z late and in reverse. What a great idea and a fantastic collection!


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