Friday 15 April 2016


The letter M provides us with a fairly large number of popular collecting themes: variations on Military, or on Motor, Monuments, Music.

I have a large collection of Maps, but I may have done them to death so I'll stick to Markets.  I've recently started a collection of Medieval art, but it is a fledgling collection so far.

Here, then, are my markets:


  1. I love charming little markets in different towns. Most farmer's markets in America are more like food malls now, so not quite as charming anymore.

  2. Dropped in with the A-Z challenge--love your postcards! Beautiful collection...

  3. These are great! I love the 3 ladies in the hats:)

  4. Don't tell anyone, but later today I will post P is for Pike Place (Market) :-)

  5. Markets are among my favourite things!


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