Monday 18 April 2016


Ornithology probably doesn't really describe a few postcards of birds, but the letter B went to bridges, so here we are with ornithology.

I am particularly fond of robins because of childhood memories of gardening with my father, when our semi-tame robin would come to oversee.

I've included the puffin and owls because they make me smile. I've never met a puffin in real life but an owl did once visit the house where we were staying for a holiday.  I don't know who was more surprised.

The egrets are there for their sheer beauty.


  1. We still have semi-tamed robins in our back and front gardens, I'm pleased to say. Owls have woken me up occasionally when in next door's sycamore. Great cards.

  2. These owls are so cute and I can't remember their name but they are cute. I saw a snowy owl once and they are so majestic looking. Love the Puffin and I keep seeing Robins today.

  3. Wow, Ornithology. Impressive use of the 'O' word for the A-Z challenge. Great pictures.

  4. Adore the owl postcard!! I really, really want to see puffins one day.


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