Saturday 22 March 2008

Mark Twain Clopper

Postmarked Hannibal MO, dated August 30 2004.
The Mark Twain clopper at Hannibal, Missouri takes the visitor on a horse-drawn ride in the historic district on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi.


  1. My name is Herman, I am sitting in front of my mom and brother (above the "CL",no hat). That was 23 years ago but my dad is still giving tours every summer with the same wagon. I have often wondered how far our pics have traveled.

  2. Well that is amazing!! So now you know one has reached England. Any further than that?

  3. Herman again;
    we used to have lots of student groups from Japan, China, etc. they always took lots of candid shots, I was hoping to see some of those so I did a google image search and yours was the first and only one (besides Hannibal sites) Your site is very interesting. Did your father visit all these places or buy used cards?

  4. My father visited most of the places in the UK and in Paris (while I lived there) but the rest were sent by family and friends when they were away. The vintage ones he bought. Now of cours, the most recent ones are mine.


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