Sunday 27 April 2008

The Palace of Versailles

Postmark illegible, dated 23 July 1974.
Top row: Le Petit Trianon (1768) - Hameau de Trianon - La Maison de la Reine
Bottom row: Hameau de Trianon, le Moulin - Marie Antoinette à la Rose. Portrait de la Reine par Mme Vigée-Lebrun - Trianon "Jardin Anglais", Le Belvédère
These pictures are, apart from the portrait, all from the Palace gardens.
For three years we lived about 20 minutes away from Versailles and my younger son had an America girlfriend who lived there, so it was a town I came to know quite well. In spite of that I never actually saw the interior of the Palace, though I visited the grounds quite often when we had people staying.

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  1. The palace gardens must be breathtakingly beautiful. A good place for photo shooting.

  2. I'm so excited..first of all i came across your postcard blog..and second i found a post card of a place i have actually been...the palace is amazing..but..unfortunatley we went in the middle of tourist season...and the palace was packed full of asian tour groups...which normally would have been fine...but in the middle of summer...and travelling with an aging was the longest hottest tour i was ever one...the grounds were spectacular...and i would love to go again when it is not so busy...i am putting your blog in my favorites...


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