Thursday, 8 May 2008

Kentish Windmills

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Kentish windmills: Sandwich, West Kingsdown, Cranbrook, Chillenden, Meopham.

Chillenden Mill was restored, but then destroyed in the storm of November 2003. Rebuilt May-Aug 2005.

When I first think of windmills, I associate them with Holland but windmills have for a long time been a feature of the Kent countryside and became highly developed in the 19th century. In their heyday, in the 1840s, there were several thousand mills operating in Britain, predominantly concentrated in the dryer, eastern counties such as Kent, Suffolk and Norfolk. More information from the Kent county site.

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  1. I recognize the windmill of Sandwich, I'm sure there is a windmill in Whitstable too where i was born, but I think they made it into a restaurant, interesting subject windmills..


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