Friday, 30 May 2008

Langkawi Island

Postmarked Komplex Lada, Langkawi, dated 28 Mac 2006
That's not a typo, it is 28 Mac. I don't know what that is - March?
Langkawi Island of Legends
1. Sunset at Kuah Bay
2. Monkey in the rainforest
3. Pantal Tengah beach
4. Traditional village house
5. The rice harvest.
Lankawi Island is the main island of the Langkawi group of 99 islands. It lies near the border of Malaysia and Thailand.

In 2007 it was declared a World Geopark by UNESCO.

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  1. yeah...welcome to Malaysia

  2. Hi Sheila,

    Have you heard about my ex-PM is now a blogger? For further reading, visit

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  3. Lovely postcard! I have not visited Langkawi before and planning to sometime in the future!

    Btw, beep beep..i tagged you with an award. Check it out at MBL.


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