Saturday 17 May 2008

Sydney Opera House

Postmark illegible, dated 1984.
Sydney Opera House, New South Wales, Australia.
The peaceful sails of Sydney Opera House soar above Bennelong Point.
I can remember the fuss when the Opera House was built - an awful lot of people didn't like it. Now it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site!


  1. I luv the Sdyney Opera House. Visited the opera house in 1996.

  2. I did the tour when I was there.

    I loved Sydney altogether. Was lucky enough to go on business and then take some leave. Would just have been nicer to have someone to share it with.

  3. If you want more views of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour, I've started a Flickr group

    We have almost 100 photos.

  4. I have been there many times... (since I am an Aussie expat)... it is a gorgeous place to visit. Last time I was back home in Australia, my husband and I were down there at 5.30am... it was so relaxing and peaceful...

  5. Just visited Sydney for the first time in June. The Opera House is a very stunning building! The week I was there, The Museum of Contemporary Art was projecting images of artwork onto it at night.

    The Sydney Museum is a great place to see historical photos of the Opera House and the city in general.

  6. What a wonderful idea, to project artwork into the night! That must have been a stunning sight.


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