Monday 23 June 2008

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

Postmarked London, because it was sent via a ship, dated 10 September 1981.

212. Repulse Bay - a summer resort. Postcard from Hong Kong.

Another card from Repulse Bay, from a slightly different angle than the first. It looks as though the low red-roofed buildings on the left of the picture no longer exist.

This was sent to my father by someone working on a cargo ship. An interesting message:

"Arrived here yesterday and leave tonight for Singapore, should take 4 days. Weather's better now as have left the typhoon belt behind. Loading for Aqaba, ping pong balls and tyres from China."


  1. Aqaba. Lawrence of Arabia.


  2. Repulse Bay looks so much different now, with more buildings dotting its skyline. But the beach has remained the same, beautiful and serene (on weekdays especially)


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