Saturday 26 July 2008

Grafton Street, Dublin

Never posted, undated, but after 1902 because the address and message are both on the back of the card.

Grafton Street Dublin.

Never posted, undated.

Grafton Street: This fascinating street is one of Europe's most beautiful capital cities and offers a variety of contrasts, old and new, to delight the visitor. A fashionable shopping centre, Grafton Street runs from St Stephen's Green, a fine public park, to Dublin's famous Trinity college, which dates back to 1591.  With its department stores, shopping arcades, coffee shops and pubs, this section of the city has a distinctive charm for both tourist and native alike.

In spite of the cards being so different and the views being from different directions, it's easy to see that the buildings are largely the same.

I remember this street very well from my childhood and teens. I lived in Dublin intermittently when the street looked like neither of these cards. On the newer, second card, the building on the left with blinds at a higher level is Bewley's Oriental Café. When you walked past, you would smell what I used to think was the exotic aroma of roasting coffee. Inside the array of cakes was incredible. A visit was a very special treat.  They were due to close in 2004, but the protests were such that they decided to re-open.

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  1. Grafton Street is a great place, and it has not changed its look since that picture.

  2. Your postcards on Dublin's really beautiful.


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