Thursday 10 July 2008

Recife, Brazil

Never posted. Judging by the message, I must have received this inside a book, sometime in 2004.

Brasil Turistico
Recife - PE - Brasil
Vista parcial do rio Capibaribe com suas pontes.
Partial view of Capibaribe river and its bridges.

Recife is the 5th largest metropolitan area in Brazil. It is surrounded by rivers and crossed by bridges, another place that considers itself to be a Venice, the Brazilian Venice.


  1. A beautiful scene. It is mind-boggling the number of cities in the world where life goes on for a million people, and I am not even aware of their existence. This is one of them, but now I know what it looks like. Thank you. :)

  2. That's really pretty. I've never really seen a lot of pictures of Brazil as my main interest is European travel, but it's always nice to see something different. Beautiful blog!


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